Blackstone marble Shanidev Statue

Marble Blackstone Shanidev Statue

Bajrang Moorti Bhandar also deals in Black Shanidev Statue and also known as the manufacturer, exporters & Suppliers of Shanidev Idol. Mainly the Shanidev Statue Comes in Black Stone as we make all sizes in the Shanidev Statue like in 1ft ,2ft, 3ft,4ft,5ft,6ft  and in all sizes. We Ship Shanidev Statue in Many of the countries like USA, CANADA , THAILAND, INDONESIA ,UNITEDKINGDOM, UAE and many more other Countries in the World.

In Shani Dev Statue the carvings are well carved in this Statue at the time of Shipment they are well Packed in the Steel Boxes or in the Wooden Boxes With the Foam Packing Done in it.

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