Marble Murugan Statue

Marble Murugan Statue

We are Known as the Marble Murugan Statue Manufacturer in all over the world. In the above image you can see Lord Murgan/kartikey is in Standing Position Carrying a Shastra(Weapon) with a Peacock in the Bottom of the Statue with good Colour Shadings has been given in the Statue. We Deliver Lord Murgan/Kartikey Statue in the Countries like USA, UK , FRANCE ,GERMANY , NETHERLAND, RUSSIA and many more other where we deliver our Statues. Any Devotee of Lord Murgan/kartikey can book the order and place the murti  in there homes , Offices, Temples etc.

  • Brand : Bajrang Moorti Bhandar
  • Size : 24inch
  • Marble : Makrana Marble
  • Price : Rs.12k to 1.5lacs (depend Upon the Size)

Marble Murgan Murti

Bajrang Moorti Bhandar are known as the Manufacturer and Suppliers of Marble Murugan Statue in the above Murugan Statue in the Standing Posture carrying a Shastra(weapon) in their Hand. The Peacock is in the Bottom of the Statue having wonderful Shades are given in the Statue of Marble Murugan Murti  with a Full Gold work has been Done in the Statue. Carvings are well done in the Statue with the Diffrent Designs are there in the Crown of the Lord Murugan/kartikey Statue in the Bottom also. Any Follower of Lord Murugan/kartikey can book the Order for the Statue for there Homes, Temples , Offices etc. If you want to know more about Lord Murugan you can Go to Wikipedia for More information.

  • Brand : Bajrang Moorti Bhandar
  • Size : 30inches
  • Marble: Veitnam Marble
  • Price: 13k to  2.5lacs (depends upon the Size)
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