Marble Laddu Gopal Statue

Marble Laddu Gopal Murti

We are known as the manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters of Marble Laddu Gopal Murti we mainly delivers this Statue in all over the world mainly in the countries like USA , CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA and many more other countries in the world. We make all sizes of Laddu Gopal Murti in 1ft, 2ft,3ft ,4ft,5ft, 6ft etc .

All Carvings are well done in laddu Gopal Moorti the Right Hand of the Statue holds Makhan in their Hands and the left Hands holds Bansuri in their Hands. We Delivers our Statue at anyehere in the world and you will recieve your Parcel in very good Packing Done in the Statue. Which Is Packed in a Steel Box Or in the Wooden Box.

Marble Laddu Gopal

Bajrang Moorti Bhandar Manufacturers good Marble Laddu Gopal Statue for Homes and Temples at a Reasonable Price. In this Statue Krishna ji is Holding Laddu in their hands with Bansuri(Flute) in the left Hand full goldwork has been done in the statue with only eyes and Mouth are maded in this murti. If you are a Devotee of Lord Krishna you can place the order for statue for your home and temples. To Know more about Kanha Ji you can visit Wikipedia.

  • Brand:- Bajrang Moorti Bhandar 
  • Marble:- Makrana Marble 
  • Size:- 15inches

Marble Bal Krishna Statue

This is Marble Bal Krishna Statue in standing posture with carrying Flute in his Hands. Full Colouring has been done in this statue and gold work has also been done in this statue of Lord Krishna. If you are a Devotee of Lord Krishna you can place the order for your statue at a Reasonable prices.

  • Brand:- Bajrang Moorti Bhandar 
  • Marble :- Vietnam Marble 
  • Size:- 24inches
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