Marble Ram Darbar Statue

Ram Parivar Murti for Home

MARBLE RAM DARBAR STATUE is almighty god statue of lord ram and devi sita and his brother laxman they are all situated in this statue which shows a trust and having a good thought about the statue the main statue of this is situated in the ayodhya which is the birth place of lord rama . Which BMB gives you a statue which will way your all horror things out of homes snd temples which gives you a shine or a power of good is situated near you you can also see the diffrent types of designs are available with us which gives you a hogh variety of choices in ram darbar statue in which we deals in all over across the world. You Can also know about Ram Ji At Ram Ji Biography.

Ram Darbar Murti for Temples

Bajrang Moorti Bhandar are known as the manufactures and Suppliers of Marble Ram Darbar Statue with well done carvings has been done in the Statue with a good polishing has been has been done in the Statue. We gives a 100% Satisfaction to our Clients by giving images of each and every step of work is going on in the Statues. We mainly Deliver Ram Darbar Statue in the Countries like USA , CANADA , UK , NEW ZEALAND and many of the Other Countries in the World. You can place the order for Your Statue and place it them in your home, Temples and Offices. If you want marble hanuman Statue you can visit.

Ram Darbar Marble Idol

In the above marble Ram Darbar Statue Full Goldwork has been Done in the Statue with the Good hair Color has been Given in the Statue in the Brown Colour Shades with Ambose Work has been Doe in the Statue if you are a devotee you can place the order for your Statue and place the Statue in Your Homes, Temples and Offices and many other Places. You Can Also visit our Store in the Jaipur (Rajasthan,INDIA).

  • Brand : Bajrang Moorti Bhandar
  • Marble: Veitnam Marble
  • Size : 18inch
  • Price : Rs.13k to 1.3lacs(Depend upon the Size)
White Ram Darbar Moorti
Marble Ram Darbar Idol
Small Marble Ram Darbar Idol- 12"
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