Shrinath Statue

Shrinath Ji Statue in Black Marble

Bajrang Moorti Bhandar are the Best Manufacturer of Shrinath Ji Murti  in Nominal prices rates. We offer Diffrent Types of postures in Shrinath ji moorti . Mainly the Countries where we supply Shreenath Ji murti Are NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA , UK, BELGIUM, NETHERLAND ,SWIZERLAND, UAE, SOUTH AFRICA, SPAIN, and many more places in the world where we deal in Shrinath Ji Murti marble sculpture. In India we also deals in many states like in kerala , Tamil Nadu ,Karnataka , Telangana and many more states of India.

Shreenath Ji Murti in Black Marble without dress

We are manufacturer of Marble Shrinath ji Murti for homes and temples at reasonable Prices available in all sizes. As you can see in the above idol of Shrinath ji is in Pure Black Marble with Wonderful Designs has been maded in this Statue. Well polished has also Been done in this murti. If You want marble Pooja Mandir you can Clich Here.

  • Brand :- Bajrang Moorti Bhandar 
  • Size :- 3Feet
  • Marble:- Bhaisrana Marble 

Shrinath Ji Statue in black Stone

This is Black Shreenath Ji Murti in pure black marble with diffrent designs has been maded in this statue. Well Polishing has also Been done in this statue as you can see the above statue of Shri nath Ji Murti we manufacturers the Statue at Reasonable Price with good Work has been done in the Statue. o Know more about Shrinath Ji you can visit Wikipedia.

  • Brand :- Bajrang Moorti Bhandar 
  • Size:- 12inches
  • Marble :- Bhaisrana Marble 

Shrinath Ji Murti in Black Stone

Our Company makes Shreenath Ji murti at very reasonable prices for Homes and temples in all sizes. As you can see in the above statue well craftings has been done in that statues. 

  • Brand :- Bajrang Moorti Bhandar
  • Size:- 24inches
  • Polished:- Yes 
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